Implant Dentistry


Single Tooth Implants

When a tooth is deemed non-restorable or a patient wishes to create a replacement for a tooth that has been previously removed, a single tooth implant may be a potential solution. Dr. Klein works in conjunction with recommended expert oral surgeons to facilitate this process. Dr. Klein refers patients to an oral surgeon for the actual implant placement and then restores the implant some time afterwards. An implant is a surgical component, made of titanium, that is threaded into the bone in the region of the missing tooth. Typically, for an implant to become fully secured in bone (called osseointegration), 3-4 months are required before it can be restored. After the implant has integrated into the bone, Dr. Klein places an attachment on top of the implant known as an abutment. Finally, a crown is cemented on top of the abutment. The result of an implant can be an excellent solution that is both functional and esthetically beautiful.

Implant Supported Dentures

Implant placement is also a valuable option when it comes to increasing stability of dentures. In a most typical circumstance, stability of a lower denture may be compromised by a poor thickness of the lower boney ridge. In this case, placement of 2 or more implants and creating a modification on the underside of the denture can create a far more stabilized denture and much more satisfying function.