Dr. Klein offers orthodontic treatment to his patients at Klein Dental Arts. Upon evaluation, Dr. Klein will make a determination if in office treatment is appropriate, or if referral to a local outstanding orthodontist is appropriate.

Clear Correct

Clear Correct is a clear aligner orthodontic system used by Dr. Klein to treat a variety of orthodontic issues, including crowding and spacing. Clear Correct uses a series of clear aligner trays that patients wear 3 weeks at a time. Each aligner set creates a small change in the positions of the teeth through controlled and constant force that creates an outstanding result over the course of treatment. Invisalign, an identical clear aligner, clear braces system to Clear Correct, is a brand that most patients seem to be more familiar with. Clear Correct is not appropriate orthodontic for everyone, so while wearing ‘clear braces’ technology may seem preferable, traditional braces through an orthodontist is recommended on a case by case basis. For more information on Clear Correct, please call us for a consult.

You can also visit www.clearcorrect.com for more information about the system.