Restorative Care

Toothe Colored Fillings

At Klein Dental Arts, we use only tooth-colored composite resin to fill small to moderate sized cavities. Traditionally, silver amalgam has been used, but as the quality of composite resins have improved and the demand for more cosmetically pleasing options has increased, the use of composite resin as a restorative has become paramount.


Dental crowns or dental ‘caps’ are used to restore and cover a tooth when there is a reason that a filling will not appropriately restore the tooth. There are a variety of reasons for this suggested treatment: a large area of decay, tooth fracture or large filling fracture, decay that has appeared under an existing crown, or a tooth that has been treated with a root canal and has not yet been crowned. Dental crowns are made to not only restore the function of teeth, but also to be cosmetically pleasing.